Connecting DBND to Databand

How to create your Personal Access Tokens and connect DBND to Databand.

Databand Personal Access Token is a security measure that enables Databand to authenticate different services that communicate with the Databand web server. You need to set up a service URL and Databand Personal Access Token to connect your DBND SDK to Databand Application.

Please use the credentials provided to you by the Databand. The credentials will include the following contents:

  • Your environment address (i.e.
  • Your Databand Access Token to connect to the environment (you may create more tokens)

You can use these values via environment variables:


You can also use dbnd configuration files for that:


You can add these parameters to the tracking context by adding configuration via conf parameter of dbnd_tracking function. This is not recommended for production usage.

from dbnd import dbnd_tracking

with dbnd_tracking(conf={
                             "core": {
                                       "databand_url": "<databand_url>",

See more at SDK Configuration. If you need an additional Personal Access Token, please follow this guide.

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