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Task Meta

How to access task meta in Databand.

Task identification TaskPassport

Task identifier has 3 components:

  • Task Namespace
  • Task Family
  • Task ID

While Task Namespace and Task Family are the code's identifiers, the ID is the instance identifier.
To override the default Namespace, you need to set Task.task_namespace property. Look at the PrepareData task in the example below:

prepared_data = PrepareData(data='just some data')
print(prepared_data)                 # --> "prepare_data__19d1172be0"

print(prepared_data.task_namespace)  # --> ""
print(prepared_data.task_family)     # --> "prepare_data"
print(prepared_data.task_id)         # --> "prepare_data__19d1172be0"

print(PrepareData.task_namespace)   # --> ""
print(PrepareData.task_family)      # --> "<property object at 0x1111e9548>"
print(PrepareData.task_id)          # --> Error!

Q: How to get access the current task's object?

A: You can access your current task (during pipeline build or task execution) via current_task, and the current run - via current_task_run.

from dbnd import current_task, task

def calculate_alpha(alpha: int = 0.5):
    return current_task().task_version

Q: Is there a way to access the current env inside a task or pipeline?

A: Yes, you can access it via your current task.

from dbnd import current_task, task

def calculate_alpha(alpha: int = 0.5):
    return current_task()  # The environment of the task
                                  # See EnvConfig object for all properties

Q: How can I find the user running the pipeline in the task_run?

A: Using the task_run_env property of task_run that holds the user's context of the run, including with the user name.


See more about task_run_env here.

How to access all user facing task parameters programmatically?

from dbnd._core.parameter.parameter_value import ParameterFilters
from dbnd import task

all_params = { param.value for param in task.task_params.get_param_values(ParameterFilters.USER)}

How to access all input task parameters?

from dbnd._core.parameter.parameter_value import ParameterFilters

all_params = { param.value for param in task.task_params.get_param_values(ParameterFilters.INPUTS)}

See Run Info for accessing run environment info.