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Adding Airflow syncers using CLI

You can create new Airflow syncer in databand using the command line.

Make sure, prior to running, that you have DATABAND_URL and DATABAND_ACCESS_TOKEN set to the correct values. You can read more about how to do that in the Connecting DBND to Databand page.

To create a new Airflow syncer you need to run the dbnd airflow-sync add command with the following arguments:

Required fields:




Airflow server url

--fetcher [web|db]

Set always to db, unless you are not using databand_airflow_monitor dag


Name for the syncer

--airflow-environment [on_prem|gcp_af1|gcp_af2|mwaa]

on_prem - If you use Airflow on an on prem environment (default)
gcp_af1 - If you use Google compose with Airflow 1.0
gcp_af2 - If you use Google composer with Airflow 2.0
mwaa - If you use Amazon MWAA

Optional fields:




External url of the Airflow instance


Client id for Google Cloud Composer connection


List of specific dag ids (separated with comma) that monitor will sync only them


Don't include source code for dags

Command example:

dbnd airflow-sync add --url http://airflow:8082 --fetcher db --airflow-environment on_prem --name my_airflow

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