Advanced Alerts

Using Advanced Alerts (beta feature).



Advanced Alerts Usage is a beta feature intended to be used in collaboration with Databand team. To start using advanced alert definitions, reach out to us via Slack and we will assist you.

With advanced alerting, you can define alert rules with more complex formula.
The advanced alert formula is built from a set of clauses, with logical operators between them(AND,OR,UNLESS) between them.

Each clause is built from:

  • metric
  • comparison binary operator
  • value(for example: metric1 > 1)

The resulting expression needs to be evaluated against a boolean query, which (once satisfied) will trigger an alert.

To add a new advanced alert:

  • Focus on the input by pressing the specified key
  • Build the clause by clicking the simple alert editor's interface (at the bottom of the screen)

After building a valid clause, press the space bar -- then a logical operator can be added, after which you can rebuild a new clause or submit the alert definition.

Examples (Numerical Metrics Only)

  • A query constructed from one clause: metric1 > 10 , Databand will trigger an alert in case metric1 reported with value > 10
  • A query constructed from 2 clauses: metric1 != 0 or metric2 > 10

Adding Non-Numerical Metric

Non numerical values can't be input directly, but you can add them using auto-completion.

For example:

Using Enum Metric

Using String Metric:

Allowed Inputs

  • Composition: and, or, unless
  • Comparison: <, <=, ==, !=, >=, >
  • Integer and floating-point numbers can be typed directly
  • Strings and enums can be added using Add Metric dialog
  • Brackets: (, )
  • Whitespace: space, tabs, line breaks (have no effect on the logic)

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