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AWS Environment

How to configure an environment for AWS.

Before You Begin

You must have the dbnd-aws plugin installed.

To Set Up AWS Environment

  1. Open the project.cfg file, and add aws to the list of environments.
  2. In the [aws] section, configure your connection ID, and optionally provide a root bucket/folder for your data.
environments = ['local', 'aws']
env_label = dev
root = s3://databand-playground/databand_project
region_name = us-east-2
  1. To override the default boto credentials, used by default, run the following command:
$ dbnd airflow connections --add  \
        --conn_id aws_default \
        --conn_type S3 \
        --conn_extra "{\"aws_access_key_id\":\"_your_aws_access_key_id_\", \"aws_secret_access_key\": \"_your_aws_secret_access_key_\"}"

What’s Next
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