External Monitoring Systems

How to connect external monitoring systems to your Databand installation.

Integrate New Relic Monitoring

This manual supports docker-compose only deployments.

  1. Download the JSON config file from NewRelic.
  2. Copy JSON file into the deployment folder under databand/config/webserver/newrelic.ini(this path is mapped under /etc/config, so it will be used as configuration by newrelic agent)
  3. Enable NewRelic at custom.env with NEW_RELIC_ENABLED=true
# custom.env 


Use make up to launch Databand with the NewRelic agent enabled.

Enabling Datadog

By default, Datadog logging is disabled when using make up. You need to set DATADOG_ENABLED=true and
override the following variables to match your setup in custom.env:

# custom.env

# add datadog.yml mod to your COMPOSE_FILE variable


Use make up to launch Databand with the Datadog agent enabled.

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