Custom Value Type

How to extend DBND and create value types.

Custom value types are used as parameters for tasks. They can be parsed from configuration files or the command line and then used in code.

To Define a Custom Value Type

# This is a custom object we want to use as a parameter in tasks
class MyCustomObject(object):
    def __init__(self, custom):
        self.custom = custom

# This defines how MyCustomObject is parsed and serialied into strings
class _MyCustomObjectValueType(ValueType):
    type = MyCustomObject

    def parse_from_str(self, x):
        return MyCustomObject(x)

    def to_str(self, x):
        return x.custom

# This registers value type with value type registry

To Use a Custom Value Type

class TaskWithCustomValue(PythonTask):
    custom_value = parameter.type(_MyCustomObjectValueType)
    list_of_customs = parameter.sub_type(_MyCustomObjectValueType)[List]

    report = output[str]

    def run(self):
        assert isinstance(self.custom_value, MyCustomObject)
        assert isinstance(self.list_of_customs[1], MyCustomObject) = self.custom_value.custom + self.list_of_customs[1].custom

class TaskWithCustomValueInline(PythonTask):
    # works only after registration!
    custom_value = parameter[MyCustomObject]
    custom_value_with_default = parameter.value(MyCustomObject("1"))

    list_of_customs = parameter.sub_type(MyCustomObject)[List]
    set_of_customs = parameter.sub_type(MyCustomObject)[Set]
    dict_of_customs = parameter.sub_type(MyCustomObject)[Dict]

    report = output[str]

    def run(self):
        assert isinstance(self.custom_value, MyCustomObject)
        assert isinstance(self.custom_value_with_default, MyCustomObject) = "_".join(
                for c in [

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