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Dashboard & Widgets

UI overview for the Databand application.


The Dashboard tab in the Databand web UI allows you to see the general aggregated information about the Pipelines, Runs, Tasks, Errors, etc. within the environment in one place at the same time with the help of our ever-growing collection of widgets.


You can control and filter the information in the Dashboard tab using Projects, Source, Pipeline, and Time range drop-down filters.

The time range filter allows you to select the data period to view. You can use the available time range presets or specify any custom range in the custom range view of the date picker. It’s possible to view the stats for an infinite number of days into the past.



The widgets are being constantly improved and frequently updated, and we also add new widgets often so the UI of the following widgets might differ slightly.

The sum total of the stats displayed in the widgets is for the failed, successful, and running, and other states of Tasks and Pipelines combined.

Remember that all the charts you see in the Dashboard tab and its widgets are cumulative and display the combined quantity of all the possible states, for example failed, success, and running states for Runs in the Runs by Start Time widget.

Task Runs State

This widget consists of two smaller widgets - Runs in Total and Task Runs.

This widget displays the overall counters and stats for Pipelines - how many Runs have been successful and how many have failed, how many Pipelines and Tasks are running at the moment, etc.


Runs have the following possible states: running, success, failed, shutdown, canceled.

Tasks have the following supported states: success, reused, running, failed, shutdown, canceled, removed, queued, up_for_retry, upstream_failed, scheduled, unknown.

Runs and Tasks by Start Time

These two widgets display what the runtime states look like at a given moment.


When you select a time range, the charts display shows how many failed, successful, or running Runs took place during the selected time period.

Top Errors

This widget displays the 5 Error Types that have been encountered most frequently in the recent Runs. The widget also displays where and when did such Error Types took place.


Pipeline Stats

This widget displays pipelines statistics on failures and duration and frequency of runs. A user can sort on any one of these columns and see the most frequently failing pipelines or longest-running pipelines.


Metric Widget

In this widget, you can plot up to 9 metrics from a system. Click on Add New Metric and have them displayed in the Dashboard.


The widget “remembers” your selection and would continue to show you these metrics every time you enter Dashboard.

You can detect and show anomalies on a metric graph by clicking the "Turn On Anomaly View" button at the top right corner of the plot.

You can sho aggregate stats and a trend of the metric value by clicking the 3 dots button and selecting "Show Trend" and picking your aggregation function.

Last Active

This widget displays the last 10 Runs and Tasks that have recently ended, alongside with their Status, Run name, Pipeline, Source, Duration, Progress, and Scheduled Date.


If you click “All runs” in this widget, you will be taken to the lists of all runs that took place during the selected time period.

Sharing a Dashboard

A user can share the dashboard state with other users. Click the Share button at the right of a Dashboard title. Filters, time range, and metrics selections are shared.

A dashboard can be shared in two modes:

  • Recent time period - each time dashboard is viewed, a time filter would show X days back.
  • Absolute time range - each time dashboard is viewed, a time range would show the same range i.e. Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2021.

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