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Setting up Email Notifications

Email Alert Receiver

All alerts are sent to all receivers defined in a databand system. Email receiver defines an email address to where alerts should be sent to. By default sending emails is managed by databand's SendGrid account and all alert emails are sent from [email protected] address. Please make sure this address is added to the list of trusted senders.

Multiple email receivers can be defined.

A user can override the system define a custom SMPT server to send emails from.

Add new email alert receiver

To add a new email receiver go to Settings -> Alert Receivers. Click Add Receiver button.
Fill in all required fields and click save.

Two options are available: simple and advanced.

Simple one requires you to only provide an email where to send the alerts and the receiver's name. Default SMTP params will be used to send alerts. See the section below, how to configure them.


If you want to use custom SMTP params, you can click "I want to override system default email provider" checkbox and fill in all required parameters.


All Cloud customers are provided with the default SMTP params for your convenience.

If your Databand installation has configured SMTP default params for the email alerts you only need to specify the receiver's email.

Once saved, a new receiver will appear in the list of Alert receivers on the same page.

Remove an email alert receiver

To delete a receiver go to Settings -> Alert Receivers. Find a receiver you want to remove in the list, click button, and click Remove.


You must whitelist [email protected] email address. Email alerts from Databand will be sent from this address