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Extending Configurations

How to configure a custom Dev or Prod Databand environment.

DBND Configuration system provides a framework for creating new Configs and Tasks using the configuration system

We define an aws_prod environment which inherits settings from an existing aws environment, but overrides the root to a new production S3 bucket, and the spark_engine to a production Apache Livy endpoint:

_from = aws
env_label = prod
production = True
root = s3://databand-playground/prod
spark_engine = livy

url = http://<ip of my cluster>:8998


The _type switch searches for an object or a section with a name matching the specified value and then creates an object of the specified type.

For example, you want to create the task calculate_beta that has a configuration model (parameters set) cloned from calculate_alpha, you can configure the task calculate_beta as follows:


The configuration will be taken from an existing task calculate_alpha that might look as follows:



This switch searches for an object or a section with a name that matches the specified value and then it reuses all configurations specified in the object/section.

Now, after you have the task configuration model defined, you can set values for the task calculate_alpha. You might want to copy all configurations from the task calculate_gamma.

calculate_gamma is defined in the project.cfg as follows:


The _from in this example replaces configuration values from another task. So, calculate_gamma can be defined as follows: