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External DB for Databand MetaData

How to create and set up the RDS PostgreSQL for using with Databand.

We highly recommend using an external managed SQL engine for your Databand production deployment. Follow these steps to create and set up the RDS PostgreSQL.

  1. Connect to the PostgreSQL instance with the master user:
psql -h <RDS Postgress URL> -U postgres_user -d postgres
  1. Create the Databand DB and User:
create database databand;

create user databand with encrypted password 'databand';
grant all privileges on database databand to databand;
  1. Connect to the Databand db with the master user:
psql -h <RDS Postgress url> -U postgres_user -d databand
  1. Create the uuid-ossp extension:
CREATE EXTENSION "uuid-ossp" SCHEMA pg_catalog;
  1. Your sql_alchemy_conn is postgresql+psycopg2://username:[email protected]:5432/databand


Please, make sure you have this property configured

set explicit_defaults_for_timestamp to 1