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Installing DBND for Orchestration

How to install the DBND SDK to use it for Orchestration.

Follow this step to install DBND first.

Initiate storage and configurations

To create the default project structure, run the following command in any directory on the file system:

$ dbnd project-init

You will see the following log:

[2021-01-21 10:37:55,701] INFO - Databand project has been initialized at <YOUR PATH>

This command creates a project configuration file - project.cfg.

You can also initialize your project folder by manually creating project.cfg inside any directory or setting the DBND_HOME environment variable. $DBND_HOME refers to the project root directory.


Running dbnd project-init overwrites the project.cfg.

Test the installation

To make sure DBND is operational and ready to be used, run dbnd_sanity_check pipeline, available in the DBND package:

dbnd run dbnd_sanity_check

If the command runs successfully, you will see the following message:

= Your run has been successfully executed!
 TASKS      : total=1  success=1

To check on how outputs, metrics, and metadata from the run are persisted, run the following command:

find <Project Path>/data/

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