Overriding Values

How to override any configuration in Databand CLI.

Before you begin

See the Configuration Layers document to understand what configuration layers are supported in DBND and how they work together.

In the following example, two tasks are defined:

  • train_model_pipeline is a pipeline that wraps calculate_alpha.
  • calculate_alpha has the default parameter value set to 0.5, and the constructor configuration sets alpha at 0.1.
def calculate_alpha(alpha=0.5):
    return alpha

def train_model_pipeline():

To circumvent all previous attributed values defined for alpha and define a new value, run the --override command:

dbnd run train_model_pipeline --task-version now --override calculate_alpha.alpha=0.2

When you execute the command, alpha is going to be equal to 0.2.


The --override command cannot be overridden. Hence, it should be used only when it is absolutely necessary. In most cases, other layers (such as --set) are more suitable.

Let's use the same example we used for --override with --set. This time our CLI will look like this:

dbnd run train_model_pipeline --task-version now --set calculate_alpha.alpha=0.2

In our command, we only changed --override to --set. But this time the result is different - and the value we get at execution is 0.1.

This is because values given in task constructors supersede --set values.

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