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Run Info

What Run Information Is Available From The UI.

DBND collects the run info on every Run and makes it available at UI. Accessing the information about the run context can be very useful - for example, for finding the name of the user that is running the pipeline.

git version (VCS), pod name, user name, and many other properties are going to be collected at the moment of the Driver execution.

Accessing this information is available through the task_run_env property of task_run . It includes:

  • user - the user name can be configured through the run_info.user config
  • databand_version - databand SDK version you are using
  • user_code_version - user's git commit of the code that is currently running
  • cmd_line - the command executing this Run
  • project root - the Databand project root directory
  • user_data - custom user data option, can be configured through the run_info.user_data config
  • source_version - gather version control via git/None

VCS value column is not displayed for some jobs

VCS value is defined via run_info.source_version variable. The default value is git, which is resolved into the current GIT HEAD of the current folder. If you want to provide your own value, you can either:

  • do it via --set run_info.source_version=YOUR_VCS_VALUE or

If your code is baked into a Docker image without a .git folder, you can embed your VCS version into your Docker image. To do it:

  1. Change your Docker file to include:
  2. Build the image with extra args: --build-args SOURCE_VERSION=YOUR_VCS_VALUE