Setting up Slack Notifications

How to set up Slack notification for your Databand Cloud events.

To set up Slack alerts from your Databand Cloud environment:

  • Go to Settings -> Alert Receivers
  • Click the "Add New Receiver" button and follow the on-screen instructions



Receiver Name

A human-readable receiver name

Slack Webhook

Incoming webhook that allows Databand's Alert Manager to send Slack notifications (it will look something like

Slack Channel

Name of the Slack channel or user where you would like to receive Slack notifications (e.g., #your-alerts-channel or @username)


Configuring Multiple Slack Receivers

Multiple Slack Receivers can be used to route alerts to different Slack channels and users. This configuration is supported by sending a request to Databand Cloud Support Team.

How to create a new incoming Slack WebHook URL

  1. Manage apps by clicking on your workspace's name (top left corner of the Slack UI) β†’ Administration β†’ Manage Apps. The Slack app directory should open in your default browser.
  1. In the search bar on the top, search for "Incoming WebHooks", and select the "Incoming WebHooks" Slack app. Add this app to your Slack workspace.
  1. In the drop down menu, select or create a channel for your Databand alerts. You will need to send this channel's name to the Databand team to be able to integrate Databand alerts. Next, click the "Add Incoming WebHook integration" button.
  1. Your Webhook URL is required for alerts. This Webhook URL is specific for the channel and is used only for posting incoming messages. Applications can not use this Webhook to read or edit any messages.
  1. To verify that your Webhook integration was successful, navigate back to your Slack channel. You should see a message like this one in there:

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