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Spark on Databricks

Configurations for using Databricks with Databand.

Configuration for submission (dbnd driver) machine

  1. Add [databricks] to your databand configuration
  2. Set cluster_id to databricks cluster id value
  3. Set cloud_type = aws or cloud_type = azure
  4. Configure your environment to use Databricks as spark_engine.
_type = aws
spark_engine = databricks
.... additional configurations related to your environment
  1. Perform the following steps:
airflow connections --delete --conn_id databricks_default
airflow connections --add \
--conn_id databricks_default \
--conn_type databricks \
--conn_extra "{\"token\": \"<YOUR ACCESS TOCKEN>\", \"host\": \" <YOUR DATABRICKS CLUSTER URI>\"}"

[databricks_aws] Configuration Section Parameter Reference

  • ebs_count - Number of nodes for spark machines.
  • aws_instance_profile_arn - Set the IAM profile for spark machines.
  • aws_ebs_volume_type - Set the EBS type.
  • aws_ebs_volume_count - Set the number of EBS volumes.
  • aws_ebs_volume_size - Set the size of EBS volume.


Getting Databricks Cluster Id

  • API: https://<CLUSTER_IP>/2.0/clusters/list
  • UI: Under clusters -> advanced options-> tags -> ClusterId

Configuring Databricks Cluster

You can configure DBND to spin up a new cluster for every job or use an existing cluster (default behavior). You will need to install and configure the DBND package on the cluster. See Installing DBND on Databricks Spark Cluster for more information

[databricks] Configuration Section Parameter Reference

  • root - Data outputs location override
  • disable_task_band - Disable task_band file creation
  • cluster_id - Set the ID of the existing cluster.
  • cloud_type - Set the type of the cloud. This can either be AWS or Azure.
  • conn_id - Set Databricks' connection ID.
  • connection_retry_limit - Set the retry limit of the databricks connection.
  • connection_retry_delay - Set the Databricks connection's delay in between retries.
  • status_polling_interval_seconds - Set the number of seconds to sleep between polling databricks for a job's status.
  • cluster_log_conf - Set the location that will be used for logs, e.g.: {"s3": {"destination": "s3://<BUCKET>/<KEY>", "region": "us-east-1"}}
  • num_workers - Set the number of workers as in databricks' api.
  • init_scripts - Set the init script list. The default for this is { 's3': { 'destination' : 's3://init_script_bucket/prefix', 'region' : 'us-west-2' } }
  • spark_version - Set the Spark version that will be used.
  • spark_conf - Determine Spark's configuration settings.
  • node_type_id - Nodes for spark machines
  • spark_env_vars - Set Spark's environment variables.

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