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Spark on Livy

Configuring Apache Livy.

Configuring Apache Livy

Apache Livy can be used by Cloudera Hadoop Distribution, Amazon EMR or custom-made Spark cluster.

  1. Set spark_engine to livy to use Apache Livy as a way to submit spark jobs.
spark_engine = livy

2.Set Apache Livy Url in DBND config

url = http://<livy_server_url>:8998

Livy Spark Configurations

urlLivy connection url (for example: http://livy:8998)
authLivy auth , support list are None, Kerberos, Basic_Access (Default: "None")
userLivy auth , user (Default: "")
passwordLivy auth , password (Default: "")
ignore_ssl_errorsIgnore ssl error (Default: False)
job_submitted_hookUser code to run after livy batch submit (a reference to a function) expected interface: (LivySparkCtrl, Dict[str, Any]) -> None (Default: None). example: my_package.job_submitted_hook
job_status_hookUser code to run at each livy batch status update (a reference to a function) expected interface:(LivySparkCtrl, Dict[str, Any]) -> None"
retry_on_status_errorRetries http requests if status code is not accepted (Default: 0)

Q: How can I debug HTTP requests related to the Livy server?

A: You can always run specific modules at debug state:
dbnd run ….. --set
In our case, you want to log both livy_batch and reliable_http_client:
dbnd run ….. --set log.at_debug=dbnd._core.utils.http.reliable_http_client --set log.at_debug=dbnd_spark.livy.livy_batch

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