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Sticky Filters

Setting up UI filters that can be revisited and shared via a direct URL.

Sticky (or ‘persistent’) filters is a UI feature that applies to the Status filter and Show dropdown in the Runs tab, and allows you to save and share (via a direct URL) the results of your filter query (or the values you picked in Show dropdown).

When you select a Status filter, your selection query content is added to the URL. Meaning, the regular URL of the Runs tab in the Databand UI is


If you filter Runs by Run Name with a query 33, this query will be added to the URL of the filtered Runs like this:


As a result, you can save such pre-filtered selections as direct-link URLs, store them or share them.


Once you’ve applied the filter, even if you refresh the browser page, the changes (Pipeline filtered by a certain Run Name) will stay in place. And if you enter one of the filtered Runs, open the Logs tab, and then return to the Run, the filter selection will still be active - hence ‘sticky filters’.

Sticky filter for the Show dropdown filter works in the similar manner - if you select ‘Favorite runs’, it will be added to the URL:

756756 766766

You can filter and get ‘sticky filter’ behavior for any column that has a filter icon in the column name. Currently, sticky filters only work in the Runs tab. In the future, we plan to expand sticky filters with tabs. Stay tuned.

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