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Tracking Apache Airflow

How to use Databand's Airflow DAG tracking functionality.

Databand provides various monitoring, alerting, and analytical functionality that helps you monitor the health and reliability of your Airflow DAGs. Databand allows you to monitor multiple Airflow instances, providing a centralized tracking system for company-wide DAGs.

You can use DAGs tracking functionality for additional visibility into:

  • metadata from operators
  • task code, logs and errors
  • data processing engines (such as Redshift and Spark )

You can check what exactly is tracked and how this can be configured at Data Collection Cheat Sheet

Setting up Airflow Integration

To fully integrate Databand with your Airflow environment:

  1. Install our runtime tracking dbnd-airflow-auto-tracking python package on your Airflow cluster
  2. Install Airflow Syncer DAG
    • Create databand_airflow_monitor DAG in Airflow. Please create a new file with the following dag definition and add it to your project DAGs.
    • Deploy your new DAG and enable it in Airflow UI.
from airflow_monitor.monitor_as_dag import get_monitor_dag
# This DAG is used by Databand to monitor your Airflow installation.
dag = get_monitor_dag()
  1. Configure a New Airflow Syncer at Databand Application.
    • Click on "Integrations" at the left-side menu
    • Click "Add Syncer"

To find this information on Airflow environments (on-prem and managed), refer to our reference guides below:

Architecture of Airflow Tracking by Databand

We track all Operators and can capture runtime information from every .execute() call within any Airflow Operator. Everything that happens in the boundaries of the .execute() function is tracked. Operator start/end time, user metrics emitted from the code, user exceptions, source code(optional), logs(optional), return value(optional) and a lot of additional information. The moment Databand is integrated with your cluster you can use all functionality from Tracking Python inside your Operator implementation.

In addition, there is a component called Airflow Syncer that syncs execution airflow metadata from the Airflow database.

You can check what exactly is tracked and how this can be configured at Data Collection Cheat Sheet

Some of the operators cause "remote" execution, so the connection between Airflow Operator and sub-process execution has to be established. Databand supports multiple Spark-related operators as well as Bash and some other Operators. See Tracking Sub-Process/Remote Tasks) for more information.

Databand Architecture Airflow Sync As DAG.drawio.png