Tracking dbt

Track dbt runs triggered by Airflow:

You can use Databand to track data from dbt jobs when these jobs are triggered by Airflow by using the collect_data_from_dbt_cloud function as shown below.


  1. dbnd SDK installed in airflow environment

  2. Airflow is successfully integrated with databand, instructions can be found here

  3. dbt cloud account id and dbt cloud api token

  4. Creating Cloud API token- Please follow the instructions in dbt Cloud's API documentation to create a dbt Cloud API token. This token will be needed when creating the integration with Databand.

  5. Obtain your dbt Cloud account ID - Sign in to your dbt cloud account via your browser. Your dbt cloud account id is the number directly following the accounts path component of the URL.

Tracking dbt cloud runs triggered by Airflow DAGs:

A common integration of Airflow and dbt cloud is as follows:

  1. Airflow run DAG
  2. Airflow task triggers a single run of a dbt job in the cloud account
  3. Task that polls the cloud API for the run’s status using a run_id to determine how to proceed

In order to track the dbt job using Databand, use Databand’s collect_data_from_dbt_cloud function once the job is complete.


from dbnd import collect_data_from_dbt_cloud

dbt_cloud_run_id = 1234
account_id = 4433
dbt_cloud_api_token = "5a42af03214326778999ccfdbf000044448888bb"

# code for waiting to dbt run to finish....


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