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Tracking Stores Configuration

How to track System Error Handling in Databand.

The DBND SDK is using the tracking system to report the state of the Runs or Tasks to the Databand webserver.
Errors will happen while trying to report important information, and they can cause invalid states for the Runs you see in the Databand webapp.

The tracking system uses different tracking store, and each report the information to different location, for examples:

  1. Web tracking-store - reports to Databand webserver.
  2. Console tracking-store - writes the events to the console.

To control the behaviour of the tracking system when there are errors, use the following configurations under the core section:

  • remove_failed_store - Removes a tracking store in case of multiple fails; default value = false.
  • max_tracking_store_retries - Maximal amounts of retries allowed for a single tracking store call if it fails; default value = 2.
  • tracker_raise_on_error - Stops the run with an error if there is a critical error on tracking like failing to connect the web-server; default value = true.

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