Using Airflow Webserver

Using Airflow's native web UI to view DBND pipelines.

You can also use Airflow's native web UI to view DBND pipelines. You have a couple options in using the UI:

  1. You can use DBND's entry point into Airflow using the dbnd-airflow webserver command.
  2. You can also use the airflow webserver command to access Airflow directly. This requires installing a DBND plugin for Airflow called airflow-versioned-dag. Install with the following command: pip install dbnd-airflow-versioned-dag.

The airflow-versioned-dag plugin enables you to save versions the DAG graph of every execution so that all runs are discoverable. This makes it easier to make iterations, improvements, and debug. On its own, Airflow will save the DAG graph of only the latest execution in the Airflow database.


Enhanced Observability with Databand Application

For users who want an extended interface, alerting, and more observability functionality, Databand provides a premium web service that can be paired with DBND or directly with your existing Airflow deployment. Reach out to the team at [email protected] to learn more.

The dbnd-airflow package includes a dbnd-airflow command that is a proxy to the airflow command. dbnd-airflow makes sure that all required plugins are automatically installed and the Airflow configuration is updated and synced with your current dbnd configuration.

Run dbnd-airflow -h to get the complete command interface.

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