What's New in 0.48

New features added in the latest release of Databand.

New features and improvements in the UI

  • UX improvements in Affected Datasets: Run metrics in the list of metrics are now selected by default and are available from the filters in the Databand UI.
  • Metrics page added - you can view all the metrics, alerts, and trends for numeric values in one place.
  • Trigger value of Missing Operation alert now reflects the total number of missing operations in the run.
  • A new look for the Dataset page with dataset header, tabs, and list of operations.

Infrastructural changes

  • Added Datasource snapshots over time.

Breaking Changes

  • Dropped py27 support for dbnd-examples.
  • Dropped support for Tensorflow <2.4 and py27 in dbnd-tensorflow plugin.

What’s Next

See the Changelog for the full list of new features, updates, and improvements in the current release.

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