Metrics logging

log_dataframe(key[, value, path, ...])

Logs a dataframe to dbnd.

dataset_op_logger(op_path, op_type, *[, ...])

Wrapper to Log dataset operation and meta data to dbnd.

LogDataRequest([include_columns, ...])

Used in log_data() for with_stats, with_histograms params.

log_artifact(key, artifact)

Log a local file or directory as an artifact of the currently active run.

log_metric(key, value[, source])

Log key-value pair as a metric to dbnd.

log_metrics(metrics_dict[, source, timestamp])

Log multiple key-value pairs as metrics to dbnd.

log_duration(metric_key[, source])

Measure time of function or code block, and log to Databand as a metric.

log_dataset_op(op_path, op_type, *[, ...])

Logs dataset operation and meta data to dbnd.